The Norwegian Maritime Authority and the Norwegian Ship Owners’ Association have committed to work towards 40% women in leading positions by 2030. Following an initiative by WISTA Norway, we are signing the “40 by 30” pledge.

The industry is undergoing major changes, and this is a crucial step in the direction, away from gender-specific terms like “seaman“ and “motorman”.

Norway has long maritime traditions and has been a significant shipping nation with a global presence for more than 150 years. The maritime industry employs about 90,000 people and generates an annual turnover of more than NOK 100 billion. Around 20,000 Norwegian seafarers work on board Norwegian-controlled ships.

Norway is already in the lead internationally in developing autonomous ships and green solutions for the shipping industry. As the Norwegian government correctly points out, however, there are several factors that are essential for us to maintain our position.

A comprehensive digital strategy is necessary to increase competitiveness. The development of low and zero emission technologies and solutions being developed and used by the industry is equally necessary. Moreover, it will be necessary to remove barriers for green and safe sea transport.

One thing is for sure: The future workplace of seawomen and seamen will become increasingly digital, and their tasks related to planning, operation and monitoring of advanced offshore operations will become more demanding. This is good news for Norwegian seafarers, who maintain a high level of competence fit for the high-tech maritime sector.

Increasing diversity in the industry is key to greater success in the future. Therefore, we believe that a higher proportion of women, also in leadership roles, will improve our chances of achieving our goals of digital and green solutions.

The fact that Norway is leading the way is important beyond the borders of Norway. Norwegian shipping companies control about 2,000 ships flying the Norwegian and foreign flags. This makes us the world’s seventh largest shipping nation measured by number of ships, the eighth largest shipping nation measured by tonnage and the fifth largest measured by value.

To maintain our position as a major maritime nation, we urge everyone in the maritime industry to sign the “40 by 30” pledge. In this way, we will recruit the best minds to the maritime industry, make them feel welcome and get them to stay.

Knut Arild Hareide, Director General of Navigation and Shipping

Harald Solberg, CEO of the Norwegian Shipowner’s Association