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INTERDISCIPLINARY PROJECT GROUP: With their different backgrounds and areas of expertise, this group is working to put sustainability on the agenda in the NMA. From the left: Communication Adviser Marit Nilsen, Senior Surveyor Kolbjørn Berge, Senior Surveyor Vidar Andreas T. Thorsen, Senior Surveyor Simen Stavland Økland, Senior Adviser Tone Andersen and Legal Adviser Ida Vegler. Inset: Senior Surveyor Frank Olav Haug (working at the NMA’s local office in Ålesund).

“The NMA’s vision is to be the preferred maritime administration, especially when it comes to sustainability. Our knowledge, experience and ability to move towards green energy will be the source of a sustainable welfare society for the future,” says Acting Director General of Shipping and Navigation, Lars Alvestad. 

The UN has adopted 17 sustainable development goals. The goals are universal and commit all Member States to a joint work plan to eradicate poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change by 2030. 

Focus areas

The NMA has established an interdisciplinary project group to highlight three of the UN's sustainable development goals as particularly important areas of focus. The goals are shown in the figure below, and you can read more about them here.


The aim of the project group is to help the NMA strengthen its sustainability work both internally and externally. During the last few months, the document “Sustainability in the Norwegian Maritime Authority (available in Norwegian only)” has been drafted, and this document will describe the NMA’s approach to sustainability.

“This document demonstrates the NMA's efforts to promote sustainability. We have also pointed to the sustainable development goals we can affect and that we will focus on in the near future,” says Simon Stavland Økland, who is manager for the project group.


As a maritime authority, the NMA has significant influence over the maritime industry, and in collaboration with other actors, we will promote transport by sea as a safer and greener alternative. 

“The goals themselves won’t bring us forward, but putting them into action will,” Lars Alvestad emphasises. 

If marine resources are to be utilised the way they have been so far, cooperation is necessary to prevent them from being destroyed by littering and pollution, without compromising the economic development or the working conditions for seafarers.  

In the time ahead, the project group will continue to identify specific measures for the Norwegian Maritime Authority to contribute even more to global sustainable development. Above all, we are working to propose measures for sustainable development goals 12, 13 and 14.

If you have suggestions for measures that can make the NMA even more sustainable, we would love to hear from you!

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