This applies for courses required by the provisions of the Regulations of 22 December 2011 No. 1523 on qualifications and certificates for seafarers, hereinafter referred to as the Qualification Regulations:
  • Basic safety training for seafarers, cf. Qualification Regulations sections 7 and 8;
  • Crowd and crisis management and safety on passenger ships, cf. Qualification Regulations section 60;
  • Certificate of proficiency in basic training and in advanced training, cf. Qualification Regulations sections 69 and 69a.
Several course providers offer e-learning for the theoretical content of these courses. However, travel restrictions and cancelled courses due to the coronavirus pandemic make it impossible for seafarers to complete the practical training which is part of these courses. Therefore, the NMA has decided that seafarers who have completed the theoretical parts of the courses referred to above may serve on board ships in a position where such course is required, up until 1 July 2020.