The security level is raised to MARSEC/ISPS 3 for Norwegian-flagged vessels in the following areas:

  • North of the border at coordinates:
    44°52N 29°41E, 43°58N 31°24E, 43°24N 36°17E, 44°15N 37°41E
  • Sea of Azov

kart isps.jpg

All Norwegian-flagged ships south of the MARSEC/ISPS 3 area are requested to monitor the situation carefully and implement necessary measures from the ship security plan (SSP).

Masters are advised to monitor deviations and failures of navigation and communication data due to disturbances.

The NMA will monitor the situation continuously, and necessary updates will be published on our website.

The situation in the affected areas may change quickly. Ship owners and masters should follow the development through reliable sources.