For our customers, this means that from now on, Skype and other digital communication channels will be the preferred platform for meetings. Moreover, we will introduce restrictions on travelling abroad to apply to imperative supervisory activities only.  

In Norway, official journeys involving the use of public transport will also be restricted. In principle, supervisory activities will not be affected, and separate measures are implemented to ensure the safety of our surveyors.  

For the time being, the situation in Norway is complex. Thus, we will have daily status meetings each morning and afternoon and monitor the situation to safeguard our employees and customers. In addition, our emergency telephone may be used by companies and vessels, outside of normal office hours, to assist with operational challenges. 

Continous updates

In the event of a situation where several employees are placed under quarantine or have to work from home, the NMA's availability could be affected. However, we intend to work as normal, and we will inform our customers continuously. 

– We strongly hope and believe that these implemented measures will make us less vulnerable, ensuring that we can provide our services as normal. First and foremost, this applies to services related to safety and other statutory tasks. We do know that this situation could change in either direction, and new information will be available as soon as possible. Please check our website for updated information, says Acting Director General of Navigation and Shipping, Lars Alvestad.