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The proposal involves separate rules regarding emissions to air and discharges to sea in the Norwegian world heritage fjords. The proposal includes, among other things, the same sulphur requirements as in emission control areas (ECAs) for the entire world heritage fjord area, stricter requirements for NOx emissions, prohibition against the discharge of sewage, regulations on the use of exhaust gas cleaning systems and requirement for an environmental instruction. 

Some of the amendments enter into force on 1 January 2019, whereas other amendments will be implemented gradually over several years in order to give the industry, local authorities and others a realistic opportunity to adjust and adapt to the new requirements. This will contribute to reducing the high readings of emissions to air and discharges of sewage and grey water to sea in the short term, while the full effect of the measures directed at emissions to air are expected to be reached in 2025. The proposed measures will help safeguard the world heritage status and at the same time take account of health and environment in the world heritage fjords.

Comments to the proposal can be submitted to the Norwegian Maritime Authority on e-mail to by 14 September 2018. The consultation will also be published on our website


Proposed regulation