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Regulations on supervision and certificates for ships and mobile offshore units 1 § 14 deals with requirements for MLC certificate. The certificate consist of two parts; DMLC-Part I and DMLC-Part II.

Once the DMLC Part I is issued, the company shall complete the Declaration of Maritime
Labour Compliance Part II (DMLC-Part II), indicating the actions taken in order to ensure
permanent compliance with the national requirements during the periods between inspections,
as well as the measures proposed for guaranteeing continuous improvement of the aspects
subject to inspection.

Inquiries from the industry regarding amendments made in DMLC Part II or documents and procedures mentioned in DMLC Part II, have proven it necessary to clarify the validity of the MLC certificate after such amendments.

Amendments of the DMLC-Part II do not require submission to the Norwegian Maritime Authority/RO, but shall be recorded on a revision sheet. The revision sheet shall be kept together with the current DMLC Part II and be attached to the request for mandatory MLC inspections.


1. Regulations of 22 December 2014 No. 1893 on supervision and certificates for Norwegian ships and mobile offshore units