The purpose of this circular is to provide information on the acceptance of the Government of Norway of an equivalent arrangement under SOLAS I/5 regarding launching appliances for life raft and rescue boat on Norwegian cargo ships.


The notification applies to cargo ships for which a rescue boat is required according to SOLAS III/31.2 and for which life raft launching appliances are required according to SOLAS III/16.


SOLAS chapter III Life-saving appliances and arrangements.

Please be advised that the NMD has provided the IMO with a notification of acceptance of this equivalent arrangement in accordance with the provisions of Regulation I/5 of the Convention.


SOLAS Regulation III/16.5 states that preparation and handling of survival craft at any one launching station shall not interfere with the prompt preparation and handling of any other survival craft or rescue boat at any other station.

A combined launching appliance for rescue boat and life raft is accepted under the following conditions:

- The appliance is type approved and wheelmarked for use as both a launching appliance for rescue boat and for life raft.

- On cargo ships where life rafts are the only means of rescue, the total number of persons on board must not exceed the maximum approved capacity of the rescue boat. The total number of persons on board includes any passengers that the ship is allowed to carry according to its certificates.

The ship must keep a copy of the notification to IMO on board.

The arrangement is to comply with all other relevant requirements.