The Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) has recently received a notification of an AWG fire hose nozzle which fell apart in use. The NMA would like to remind shipowners of the manufacturer’s withdrawal of batch No. 3 2015 of this product from the market in October 2015. The withdrawal has not been complete, and it turns out that a large number of nozzles could still be on board ships.

The following nozzles are subject to withdrawal: HS 10, HS 12, HS 16 and HS 20 marked with “EN 15182-1/3 2015” in the front. The nozzles have been issued with the DNV type-approval certificate MED-B-7307. Examinations have revealed a manufacturing defect in a nozzle component. The relevant products are likely to have been delivered from the manufacturer between weeks 24 and 37 in 2015.

These products do not comply with the requirements for nozzles pursuant to the Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU (replacing 96/98/EC), A.1/3.55. Products that are already put on the market are being withdrawn. The Marine Equipment Directive also applies in Norway and to vessels flying the Norwegian flag, and therefore, these products may not be used here. The manufacturer is offering a free replacement of nozzles that have been withdrawn.



Dag Inge Aarhus
Acting Director General of Navigation and Shipping

Vegar Berntsen
Acting Head of Department