At the time of registration, concerned parties are frequently situated abroad and title documents such as Builder’s Certificate and Bill of Sale are signed upon delivery.

- Our previous requirement for sending copies of signed documents from a Norwegian Consular Station is no longer adequate. The Consular Stations are less involved in the registration process than previously. Accordingly, this practice is no longer relevant and may result in delayed deliveries, says Registrar and Head of Department of Ship Registration, Mrs. Anita Malmedal. 

The Norwegian Maritime Authority strives to increase efficiency in its contact with the industry. Subsequently PDF copies of documents may now be sent directly from one of the parties to the Department of Ship Registration. The document will be entered into the journal of the Ship Registers. Final registration will still depend on receipt of the original document within three weeks of annotation.

Powers of Attorney are also encompassed by this modification.

Ship Mortgages must, however, still be sent to the Department of Ship Registration in original before they can be entered into the journal of the Norwegian Ship Registers.

Please do not hesitate to contact The Department of Ship Registration, phone: (+47) 55 54 1250, or by e-mail for further clarification.

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