Raise of ISPS/MARSEC Security level

  • Published: 13/06/2019

Reference is made to the incident in the Strait of Hormuz 13th of June 2019. Due to the attacks and the unconfirmed circumstances The Norwegian Maritime Authority, NMA, have decided to give the following instructions to CSO, SSO and Masters on board Norwegian flagged vessels:

  • Vessels are advised to keep well clear of Iranian territorial waters.
  • Vessels arriving Strait of Hormuz within the boundaries of N25° - N28° and E054° - E058° as shown below are requested to implement security measures as described in their SSP according to ISPS/MarSec level #2.

The situation in the affected area may change, and Ship owners and Masters are encouraged to follow the development through Norwegian Shipowner’s Association closely. NMA will continue to monitor the situation, any changes will be immediately updated through our website.

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