MARSEC Security level on board Norwegian flagged vessels


The purpose of this circular is to give clear instructions to Companies as to which MarSec Levels to implement on board their vessels regardless of trade world wide.


This circular with instructions from the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) applies to all Norwegian flagged vessels.
This circular was last updated on the 01st of March 2016 and is valid until further notice.
This circular supersedes all other previously issued security level instructions issued by NMA.



Best Management Practice as defined by the Industry Standard and published by ICS, BIMCO, Intertanko and OCIMF


High Risk Area as defined in BMP


Ship Security Plan


BMP as found on and with revisions as found on revision updates on this page: Revised BMP4


Due to the development of situations world wide, there is a need to have all instructions with regards to security levels easily available and updated. The situation is dynamic, and may change rapidly. This circular will be replaced when changes occur.

Current security levels set by NMA

Vessels flying the Norwegian flag shall implement measures as described in the SSP for the different MarSec levels, when arriving mentioned areas below.

Security level 1:

All areas not mentioned below, if not requested by Designated Authority for the intended port of arrival.

Security level 2:

East Africa (as illustrated in appendix I)

In the Red Sea

From Suez and southwards

In the Gulf of Oman

Strait of Hormuz within the boundaries of N25° - N28° and E054° - E058° (appendix III) 

West Africa (as illustrated in appendix II)

Southern limit

N 02°40’

Western limit

From N 02°40’ and directly to the border of Togo

Eastern limit

From N 02°40’ and directly to the border of Cameroun

Current areas recommended to implement measure from the SSP

Vessels trading the below mentioned areas are strongly advised to consider implementing security measures in their SSP as if the vessel had been operating on MarSec level #2 while inside these areas. Security records on board should not indicate that the actual security level has been raised, only that those measures found necessary by Master/SSO has been implemented.

West Africa (illustrated in appendix II)

“Southern part”

Southern point

S 17°17’  E 006°35’ and directly to the border of Angola

Congo point

S 04°00’  E 006°35’

Western point

S 01°00’  E 004°05’

Northern point

N 02°40  E 004°05’ and directly to the border of Nigeria

“Western part”

Western point

N 02°40  W 007°29’ and directly to the border of Cote d’Ivoire

Eastern point

N 02°40  E 002°58’ and directly to the border of Togo

Reminder to masters and ship owners:

Masters and ship owners are encouraged to register at the web based information service described on the Norwegian Maritime Authority homepage:

If help is needed for registration, please contact the authority for guidance.

For more information, please contact the Norwegian Maritime Authority at phone:
+47 52 74 50 00
+47 52 74 51 30

Additional security related information published at:

This circular is valid as of 01st of March 2016


Appendix 1

Appendix 2

Appendix III