• Ships registered in the NIS fly the Norwegian flag and are subject to Norwegian jurisdiction.
  • Norway’s comprehensive code of maritime law assures owners, managers, creditors and insurance companies that the NIS represents a secure and professional alternative.
  • Proactive and competent approach in international rule defining such as in IMO.
  • The NMA strives for clear, user-friendly and accessible legislation.
  • The NMA offers a high level of service and is ISO 9001:2008 certified.
  • The Norwegian tonnage tax system is competitive in relation to similar shipping taxation arrangements in other European countries.
  • The NMA offers a competitive reimbursement schemes for the employment of Norwegian seafarers in order to preserve Norwegian maritime expertise and a competitive framework for shipowners.

High technical and working standards

  • The NMA actively works for fewer detained ship and ranks among the top ten countries on the Paris and Tokyo MOUs White Lists.
  • The NMA has entered into agreements with the best RO’s/ Classification Societies only.
  • The NMA supervises the working and living conditions for our seafarers.
  • The NMA offers a highly developed welfare service for seafarers.
  • The NMA has an officer on call around the clock for assistance to Norwegian flagged ships.
  • Efficient first class support in case of security issues.

 Best in class quality ship register

  • Formal registration of vessels, their ownership and encumbrances is possible from 7 a.m. until midnight (European Central Time) every day except Sundays and International Holidays.
  • During the registration process, great emphasis is placed on offering clear and complete information at the initial point of contact and pre-clearance of documents is always encouraged.
  • Each registration is assigned to an officer in charge responsible for the whole registration process.
  • Short response time. All enquires are answered the same day as received/ within one working day.
  • Several search-options are available free of charge on the NMA’ s website, www.sjofartsdir.no/en/shipsearch/
  • Norway has consular stations in 164 countries worldwide available to assist Norwegian ships and their crew.

Leading the way in green shipping and fuel development

Naming Ceremony for Mari Jone and Lindanger, the world's first ocean going ships, capable of running on Methanol.