The purpose of this instruction is to inform Recognised Organisations on the treatment of cases where type approval certificates have been withdrawn due to non-compliance with requirements in the LSA Code section, cf. MED A.1/1.21.

Reference is also made to information on the NMD’s homepage[1] regarding withdrawn approval and letter to the industry, both dated 22 February 2007, and an additional letter to the industry dated 30 September 2008.


Ships required to carry wheelmarked (mark of conformity) launching appliances for rescue boat according to applicable Norwegian regulations.


  • Regulation of 17 December 2004 No. 1855 concerning life-saving appliances on cargo ships
  • Regulations of 15 September 1992 No. 700 concerning Life-Saving Appliances on Passenger Ships
  • Regulations of 5 January 1998 No. 6 concerning the Construction, Equipment and Operation of High-Speed Craft used as Passenger Craft or Cargo Craft
  • Regulation of 11 October 2004 No. 1341 concerning life-saving appliances on passenger ships
  • Regulations of 29 December 1998 No. 1455 concerning marine equipment (the Marine Equipment Regulations)

Rescue boat launching appliances where wheelmark/ EU type approval has been withdrawn

When EU type approval is withdrawn the wheelmark on the equipment will at the same time become invalid. As a consequence the equipment may not be placed on board a ship where Norwegian regulations require wheelmarked equipment.

Equipment already placed on board must be upgraded to conform to the LSA Code and EU type approved/wheelmarked or be substituted with alternative wheelmarked equipment.

Withdrawn certificates

The NMD is presently aware of the following withdrawals of EU type approval:

Ned-Deck Marine BV, type SCM 10-3,5 R, certificate no. 14168/A0 EC[2]

Ned-Deck Marine BV, type SCM 10-5,2 R certificate no. 08424/B0 EC

Ned-Deck Marine BV, type SCM 12-3,5 R certificate no. 08425/B0 EC

Umoe Schat Harding AS, type MOB 350/3.5/10E certificate no. MED 0550225

The NMD has received information which suggests that davits in many cases may be upgraded following a new EU type approval and wheelmarking by the notified body, without having to fully replace the equipment.

Ships which according to Norwegian regulations are required to carry wheelmarked launching-appliances and have installed one of the above mentioned types must upgrade and EU type approve and wheelmark the equipment, alternatively, replace it with a wheelmarked installation.

The necessary measures shall be carried out not later than 1 August 2011.

To reduce the risk of possible problems related to Port State Control, shipowners who operate vessels equipped with davits with a non-valid EU type approval certificate may apply for an interim exemption.  


Olav Akselsen,


Nora Olsen-Sund,