The Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) has become aware of vessels being detained in Port State Controls (PSC) due to misunderstandings with respect to the entity named on the certificates of financial security.

Certificates of financial security (blue cards) are issued by the entities providing the liability coverage (P&I Clubs or insurers) and are in accordance with normal practice issued to the registered owner of the vessel rather than the company holding an International Safety Management Document of Compliance (DOC).

Consequently, it is possible that the DOC holder named on the MLC certificate and in DMLC Part II will differ from the registered owner named on the new financial security certificates. PSC inspectors should accordingly not require financial security certificates to be issued to the entity name entered in the MLC Certificate or the DMLC Part II.

The NMA advises vessel owners and operators to share this information with PSC inspectors if there are any questions concerning the named entity on the certificates of financial security under the MLC.

A copy of this circular letter should be kept on board and presented to PSC inspectors if necessary.

Questions or concerns regarding this issue should be directed to the Norwegian Maritime Authority at