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This instruction details the Recognized Organizations' (ROs) responsibility to confirm that a ship which is to be registered in NIS or NOR can be issued with the required statutory certificates, as applicable, and that the ship's manning complies with the relevant manning certificate.


This instruction applies to delegated ships only.
This instruction applies to new buildings and for ships transferring from a foreign flag to Norwegian flag.


Delegated ship:

  • Passenger ships registered in NIS, except high speed passenger vessels, ref. Annex I to the Agreement
  • Cargo ships registered in NIS with a gross tonnage of 500 and over, ref. Annex I to the Agreement.
  • Cargo ships registered in NOR with a gross tonnage of 500 and over in international trade, where the Classification Society on the written request from the ship owner, accepts to perform all statutory functions according to Annex III to the Agreement (voluntary delegation).


The Agreement: Agreement of 1 June 2002 between the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Recognized Organizations (RO).

National safety tonnage: Gross tonnage determined by the tonnage authorities of the Administration in accordance with national tonnage rules which were in force prior to the coming into force of the International Convention on Tonnage Measurement, 1969. This gross tonnage shall be entered in the remarks column in the International Tonnage Certificate (1969), ref. IMO res. A.791 (19).


The Agreement articles 2.3 and 2.5 cf. annexes I, II and III to the Agreement.

This Instruction to Class revokes NIS Circular No. 3-2006.

1. Declaration of Safety
A ship owner, or his representative, in the process of registering a delegated ship in NIS or NOR, subject RO is requested to issue and send a "Declaration of Safety" containing the information shown in the enclosed form.

The Declaration of Safety shall be sent to the NMA on e-mail:

The RO's shall amend applicable procedures and forms.

The Declaration of Safety may be adjusted to fit the RO's reporting system as long as the content is kept unchanged.

2. Confirmation of voluntary delegation
Cargo ships in international trade registered in NOR with gross tonnage of 500 and over are delegated on a voluntary basis as and when the RO, upon the ship owner's or the authorized shipping company's written request, has accepted to perform all statutory functions according to Annex III to the Agreement.

The NMA requires that subject RO issues a statement confirming that the ship owner or the authorized shipping company has requested it to carry out all statutory functions on behalf of the NMA in accordance with Annex III of the Agreement, further that the RO accepts to issue the required statutory certificates as applicable. The ship owner's or the authorized shipping company's request shall be enclosed.

The statement shall be sent to NMA on e-mail:

The heading of the statement shall read: Statement of voluntary delegation according to Annex III of the Agreement.


KS-0799E Example form of Declaration of Safety to the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) required prior to registration in NIS/NOR.

John Malvin Økland
Acting Director General

Alf Tore Sørheim
Acting Head of Department