Water supply and drinking water

  • Published: 27/07/2016

Water supply on ships

Regulation of 15 September 1992 no. 707 on the accommodation and catering service on ships §30 and regulation of 4 December 2001 no. 1372 on drinking water regulations (excerpts) regulates drinking water on Norwegian ships.

The regulation on accommodation and catering service doesn't contain concrete requirements to the quality of the water. However, it refers to the regulation on drinking water for quality standards for water.

When deciding if the water is of a sufficient quality, one has to look at the requirements in the regulation on drinking water.

To aid in this, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority has issued a guide for drinking water on ships.

For questions on regulation of 4 December 2001 on drinking water regulations, please contact the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

Questions on regulation of 15 September 1992 on accommodation and catering service §30 can be directed to the Norwegian Maritime Authority.

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