Seafarer Centres in Norwegian ports

 Åpning av ny stasjon i Honningsvåg februar 2020

Norway Seaman's Mission provides welfare service for international cruise ship crews at seafarer centres in Stavanger, Bergen (Jekteviken and Skuteviken), Ålesund and Honningsvåg (Nordkapp), in cooperation with Norwegian Maritime Authority.


All centers are located nearby, or a short walk away, from the respective ports. All the centres provides free Wi-Fi. You can have a cup of coffe and simpel serving on the house while chatting with your colleagues or the volunteer welfare workers. You can sit comfortably, lower your shoulders and relax without any demands of any kind. You can also access activities (sports), musical instruments and more, depending on the centres' capacity.

Norwegian Seaman's Mission's seafarer centres - Find us here:

Stavanger Directions Bergelandsgata 38
Bergen - Skuteviken Directions Skuteviksbodene 10
Bergen - Jekteviken Directions Vestre Murallmenning 15
Ålesund Directions Nedre Strandgate 5
Honningsvåg Directions Storgata 28


Norway Seaman's Mission is affiliated with The Inner Seamen's Mission (DISM). The organization has the same origins as the well-known Sjømannskirken - Norwegian Church Abroad, but serve as a social meeting place for seafarers and fishermen in Norwegian ports. The welfare stations are open to all seafarers and are visited by a large number of seafarers regardless of nationality and religious background.

DISM also operates welfare stations for fishermen on commercial fishing vessels in Stamsund, Røst og Vandsøyvågen. These stations are important gathering places for fishermen during the seasonal fishing.

Narvik international culture- and welfare center, the foundation of Seamen's Church


The welfare center on Facebook 

Directions Kongens gate 1

Telephone: +47 76 94 14 14

Opening hours

18:00-22:00 Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
Saturday closed.


Free Wi-Fi and computers - Telephone service - TV - Biljard - Table tennis - Darts - Café - Suovenirs - Arrangements/conserts

Relaxation from on board works - Photo: Anbu Ratnasingam, CEO the welfare center in Narvik

Narvik is the key infrastructural hub in North Norway, with international ice-free port status as "Motorways of the Sea" port in the EU system.

The welfare center is run by a foundation where Norwegian Maritime Authority, Narvik Municipality and the Norwegian Transport Workers' Union (ITF) are represented.

Bergen Cruise Championship i football

In the summer months, a football tournament is organized for crews on cruise chips. The matches will mostly be played at the Møhlenpris statdium in the centre of Bergen

NB! The annual tournament will unfortunately not be arranged this year either due to the corona pandemic.

Contacts for seafarers abroad

Sjømannskirken - Norwegian Church Abroad

Sjømannskirken - Norwegian Church Abroad serve Norwegians abroad. 28 churches serve as social and cultural meeting places around the world. In addition chaplains cover around 80 countries visiting Norwegian communities and students. Ships in some ports are also visited by chaplains, and Norwegian oil installations in the North Sea are also frequently visited by chaplains.

Seafarer Centre Directory (ISWAN)

Have a look at the Seafarer Centre Directory if you’re entering a new port and want to find out where to access the nearest facilities.

Details of seafarer centres is also available via the Shore Leave app provided by the ITF Seafarers’ Trust. Download it from Google Play or the App Store.

The International Seafarer's Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN)

Norwegian Maritime Authority is member of ISWAN, a membership organisation which works to promote and support the welfare and health of seafarers all over the world, and to support seafarers and their families is need of assistance due to work at sea. 

"SeafarerHelp" - Hjelpelinje for sjøfolk (ISWAN)

Free, confidentiall and multilingual helpline for seafarers and their families available 24 hours a day, 365 per year.

Nordic collegaues

Denmark - Sea Health & Welfare

Sweden - Seamen's Service, Swedish Maritime Administration

Finland - Seamen's Service - MEPA SSB