The purpose of the examination is to ensure that you are medically fit for service on board on Norwegian ships and mobile offshore units, c.f. Section 1 in the Health Regulations.

The seafarer’s doctor shall check your vision/color vision, hearing, your physical capability, and check any use of medication etc.

You will receive an electronical Medical certificate or a Declaration of unfitness upon completed medical examination.

If the electronic version is unavailable, you shall receive a printed copy of the Medical certificate or the Declaration of unfitness on form KS 0499-1 B/E and/or KS 0415 B/E.

Who pays for the medical examination?

The company shall cover the cost of the medical examination.

Proof of identity and self-declaration

For the medical examination you shall present approved ID-document, the most recently issued Medical certificate or Declaration of unfitness, any statements from other relevant doctors and any statements from the company. Furthermore, you shall submit a self-declaration on your health on the form KS 0497 E (page 2 and 3) and you shall sign the self-declaration in the presence of the seafarer’s doctor. The seafarer’s doctor shall keep the self-declaration in accordance with rules for medical record-keeping.