What is the purpose of a medical examination?

The purpose of a medical examination is to ensure that you are medically fit for service on board.

The seafarer’s doctor’s shall examine your vision/colour vision, hearing, your physical capability, and shall check any use of medication etc.

Required documentation for the medical examination

The following documentation is required to present during the medical examination:

  • Your ID
    (Bank identification with picture/National identification card/Driver’s license/Passport/Norwegian Sea Service Book)
  • Your most recently issued medical certificate (paper format)
  • Any statements from other relevant doctors/hospitals etc
  • Any statements from the company
  • The Appellate Body for health cases' decision (if any)

Documentation to be filled out at the seafarer's doctor

You shall submit a self-declaration on your health and you shall sign the self-declaration in the presence of the seafarer's doctor.

The self-declaration is part of the Form for assessment of medical fitness.
Normally, the self-declaration will be presented to you at the seafarer's doctor's office.

The form for assessment of medical fitness is excepted from Public Accessibility, thus the seafarer's doctor shall keep the self-declaration in accordance with rules for medical record-keeping. 

Who pays for the medical examination?

The company shall cover the cost of the medical examination.