Medical examination

  • Published: 10/12/2021
  • Changed: 10/12/2021

Here you will find what seafarers' doctors normally need during the medical examination

The purpose of the medical examination

As a seafarer’s doctor you shall assess whether the person is fit for duty in his/her day job and when performing safety duties.


Tests to be carried out

You shall, among other tasks, examine vision / color vision, hearing, the person’s physical ability to function, and look at any use of medication, etc.


Performing the medical examination

According to the Health Regulations you shall perform tasks as described in the table below during the medical examination. Other tests shall be carried out only if clinically indicated. Please see the Form for assessment of medical fitness for further details.

Several different parts of the medical examination have been identified in a table to indicate where other qualified personnel could be delegated parts of the examination. Here you will find the relevant table.

Seafarer’s doctors working in a solo practice shall do all of the tasks as described in the table themselves.

Seafarer’s doctors working in an environment with other health professionals may delegate the indicated tasks as marked by “x” in the table.

Red marked tasks in the table cannot be performed by other than the approved seafarer’s doctor.


The cost of the medical examination

The company shall cover the cost of a medical examination

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