Financial benefits


  • Competitive grant schemes for seafarers
    The Norwegian net-wage scheme reimburses up to 100% of Norwegian tax and supports your company’s
    ability to hire and retain seafarers.
  • Tax benefits
    Competitive tonnage tax system.
  • Efficiency
    Efficient handling and registration of new vessels saving our customers time and money.
  • The Norwegian NOx fund
    Shipping companies that sign up to this agreement, whether they are Norwegian or not, will be exempt from paying the NOx tax and can apply for funding of NOx- reducing measures.
  • Guarantees that promote Norwegian exports
    Tailor-made long-term financing systems for buyers of all types of vessels and guarantees for vessels built in Norway or abroad with significant Norwegian content.

Operational advantages

  • Safety
    Diligent follow-up from the best RO’s and Classification Societies raises operational standards and support our customers strict focus on safety.
  • Response
    One point of contact offering you speedy and accurate response to all queries.
  • Partnerships
    The NMA works in partnership with shipping companies to ensure that Norwegian flagged ships maintain the highest level of safety and environmental standards. We are your partner for navigating in legislation.
  • Support
    Professional port-state team offering first-class support on a global basis 24/7.
  • Digitalization
    Effective and user-friendy digital solutions which help increase your operational efficiency. Full overview and self-service system offering documents/certifications related to seafarers, vessels and accidents.
  • Security
    Political stability offered by Norwegian maritime policies combined with the 24/7 assistance offered worldwide to Norwegian flagged ships.

Commercial strengths

  • Expertise
    The NMA has extensive knowledge within green shipping technology and is an excellent partner in assessing new solutions and enabling innovation.
  • Efficiency
    Our short response time and support mechanisms help our customers provide efficient and first-class service.
  • International influence
    The NMA participates in international forums dealing with future rules and
  • Positioning
    Our strong flag state performance reinforces the credibility of our customers.
  • Reputation
    The Norwegian flag has a solid position which many leading shipping companies
    want to be associated with. The NMA is a trusted partner in quality operations.

Crewing benefits

  • Competitive grant schemes for seafarers
    The Norwegian net-wage scheme reimburses up to 100% of Norwegian tax and supports your company’s ability to hire and retain seafarers.
  • Competence
    Securing long term competence on board and ashore.
  • Health and welfare
    The NMA offers extensive welfare services to improve working and living conditions for seafarers. Strict medical checks. Good and reliable pension schemes.
  • Documentation
    Limited number of required endorsements. Self-service and user friendly system for
    issuing endorsements
  • Attracting younger talent
    Training positions associated with the Norwegian net-wage scheme attract young
    talent into the maritime industry
  • Loyalty
    Norwegian roots and the Norwegian leadership model are valued and respected among seafarers all over the world.

Unique security

  • The Norwegian maritime cluster
    Representing competence and experience and providing world-leading networks
    for sharing and building knowledge.
  • Norwegian maritime policy
    A stable and reliable maritime policy.
  • Security
    The Norwegian Navy is present in strategic areas of the world, offering suppport to
    Norwegian-flagged ships.
  • Contingency
    Support in contingency situations – accidents, political unrest, casualties,
    criminal cases.
  • Consulates
    We have consulates in 164 countries that are available to help Norwegian-flagged
    vessels 24-7.