1. Are there any mortgages registered against the vessel?

The mortgagee has to amend the original mortgage: "signed for deletion". This is then to be sent to the Department of Ship Registration prior to deletion.
If the mortgagee is a foreign body: A Notary Public must confirm the identity and authority of the person signing. The Notary's signature is then to be legalized or amended with an Apostille.

2. Notification of deletion

Please use the form. Notification for deletion, KR-0009. To be signed with binding signature by  registered owner or owner's Norwegian Representative. Send a signed copy to post@nis-nor.no. The original is not to be forwarded afterwards.

3. Export of vessels more than 50 years old

Vessels older than 50 years are covered by the export ban from Norway. The Directorate for Cultural Heritage (“Riksantikvaren”) may grant a dispensation upon application from the registered owner. Please find contact information to the Directorate here: The Directorate for Cultural Heritage - Riksantikvaren

The owner himself is obliged to ensure that such a dispensation is granted before the vessel is sold.

4. Deletion fee

Free of charge.

5. Please note

All documents related to the registration process must be sent directly to the Department of Ship Registration

The Norwegian Maritime Authority, Department of Ship Registration
P.O.Box 73 Nygårdstangen

Please contact us and we will guide you through the registration process

Phone: (+ 47) 52 74 50 00