Bareboat registration out of NIS/NOR

  • Published: 17/06/2020

Please find the full details and documentation requirements for the formal registration below the index.

1. Are there any mortgages registered against the vessel?

The mortgagee must amend the original mortgage: "signed for deletion". This is then to be sent to the Department of Ship Registration prior to deletion. If the mortgagee is a foreign body: A Notary Public must confirm the identity and authority of the person signing. The Notary's signature is then to be legalized or amended with an Apostille.

2. Consent from the registered owner

Registered owner must consent to the bareboat registration on form KR-0031. Name of new flag, which period applies (from/to, in accordance with the bareboat charter party) as well as owner’s full name and full style address must be stated. To be signed with binding signature by the owner or by the owner’s Norwegian Representative/Process Agent. Send to

3. Bareboat charter party

Registered owner, bareboat charterer and period must be stated. Send a copy to

4. Confirmation from the foreign bareboat register

The new register must confirm that the ship will be bareboat registered under their flag for the period specified in the charter party. Name of the vessel and allocated call sign in the bareboat register must be stated. The confirmation is to be amended with an Apostille or legalized by a Norwegian Consular Station. Registration may take place upon receipt of a PDF copy. Final registration will, however, be conditional upon receipt of the original within three weeks.

5. FORM 2, amendment to the Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR)

Send a copy of the signed form, KR-IMO-02-BB to

6. Fees per 1 July 2020

NOK 2 167, - for the bareboat out registration, + NOK 649, - for consent from the NIS/NOR + NOK 2 167, - per consent from mortgagee(s). An invoice will be sent out after registration has taken place. To ensure correct invoicing we kindly ask the recipient to fill in the form payment information, KR-0070 and send the signed form to

7. Please note

All documents related to the registration process must be sent directly to
The Norwegian Maritime Authority, Department of Ship Registration
Postal address: PO Box 73 Nygårdstangen, N-5838 BERGEN
Visiting address: Nygårdsgaten 114, N-5008 BERGEN

Contact us and we will guide you through the registration process

Phone: (+ 47) 55 54 12 50,

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