Navigating your way through maritime legislation can be challenging. As a public authority, the NMA has an obligation to provide help and guidance. We are here to help you identify applicable rules and options and provide you with information about the process and the requirements your are expected to meet.

Pre-evaluation of design

This is a detailed technical pre-evaluation service, which the NMA can carry out on your design. We can provide you with specific feedback on your project and outline the conditions under which the design would be accepted on a vessel flying the Norwegian flag. There is a fee for this service, which is based on the agreed scope of evaluation and will be deducted from the initial fee if the vessel is registered in NOR or NIS.  The NMA is bound by this evaluation in later processes if no changes are made to the original evaluation.


The Norwegian Maritime Authority has established a vast network, both nationally and internationally, in all areas of the industry. We can assist in finding relevant partners to work together with you.

Project management

When you are ready to start construction of the vessel, we will establish a dedicated team of experienced project managers, technical resources and surveyors. This team will follow and support your project from start to final certification.

Confidential information

All employees at the NMA are subject to the provisions of the Public Administration Act and the Freedom of Information Act. Confidential information (such as documents containing trade secrets) are exempt from public disclosure by legislation and will not be disclosed without your consent.

Next step?

Contact us by phone, or send us an e-mail or letter, and we will assist you from there. The first step is often an informal meeting to help us understand your needs and situation and what you want to achieve. In this context, we are often able to give you immediate feedback on whether or not the design requires approval from the NMA. If an approval is necessary, we will also let you know which legislation that is relevant, as well as what to do next.