• Date: 2/12/2015
  • Valid to: 12/31/2016
  • Series: RSV
  • Number: RSV 2 - 2015
  • Case number: 2013/25765 - JTO/TONO

Update of safe manning documents due to revision of the STCW Convention

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The STCW Convention was revised in 2010. As a result, some old qualification requirements have been changed, and some new requirements have been added. This applies to, i.a., able seafarer deck, electro-technical rating, electro-technical officer and able seafarer engine.

Safe manning documents issued without the correct qualification requirements will need to be updated in order to correct the qualification requirements of the 2010 amendments of the STCW Convention. This will for the most part apply to safe manning documents issued prior to 1 January 2012. Without the correct references, the safe manning document will not be in compliance with international rules after 31 December 2016. Other States will thus not accept the safe manning document as basis for manning in connection with a port State control. The safe manning document will furthermore not be in compliance with the Norwegian Regulations on qualifications and certificates from 2011.

In order to update safe manning documents, the companies must apply to the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) for an updated safe manning document. Applications which only concern update of qualification requirements for positions that are already a part of the safe manning document, should not be submitted on the regular form. They should instead be submitted by e-mail, fax (52 74 5 0 01) or by regular mail (The Norwegian Maritime Authority, P.O. Box 2222, NO-5509 HAUGESUND). The application should include the following:

- name of ship, call sign and IMO number
- copy of the current safe manning document

If the minimum safe manning should include an electrician, the company must carefully consider whether it should be an electro-technical officer, cf. section 44 of the Qualification Regulations[1], cf. STCW III/6, or an electro-technical rating, cf. section 45 of the Qualification Regulations, cf. STCW III/7.

This Circular only concerns update of information in order to ensure that the safe manning document is in compliance with the amendments to the STCW Convention. If there are other changes than those mentioned above, the Norwegian Maritime Authority will have to re-evaluate the minimum safe manning, cf. sections 4, 7, 8, 9 and 10 of the Manning Regulations. Applications will then have to be submitted on the regular form. This also applies if new positions are to be added, such as an electrician. The reason for this is that the Norwegian Maritime Authority will have to re-evaluate the entire manning before the requirements for electricians can be entered.

Please note that there will most likely be a rush of cases submitted in the months prior to the deadline, so we encourage companies to submit their applications as early as possible, and at the latest by April 2016. The new certificate requirements will in any case not be made applicable until 1 January 2017.

Safe manning documents which already have correct references to the STCW Convention need not be updated. The Norwegian Maritime Authority encourages all companies to check the references to the Convention in the safe manning documents for their ships.

No fees will incur for safe manning documents which are being issued in order to include the new qualification requirements, and which have followed the simplified processing described in this Circular.

[1] Regulations of 22 December 2011 No. 1523 on qualifications and certificates for seafarers

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