• Date: 3/19/2015
  • Series: SM
  • Number: SM 4 - 2015
  • Case number: 2015/9350

Postponement of servicing of inflatable life-saving appliances

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Reference is made to our Safety Notice SM 8-2014, which was issued due to numerous inquiries about the validity of certificates for inflatable life-saving appliances. The Safety Notice concerns SOLAS III/, which states that all inflatable life-saving appliances shall be serviced and approved at intervals not exceeding 12 months. In principle, this is interpreted as date-to-date.

Based on requests from the industry, we have reassessed the guidelines for postponement. We have reached the following new conclusion:

  • The certificates have a date-to-date validity, cf. SOLAS III/
  • Postponement is accepted within the same calendar month as the date of expiry of the certificate, cf. SOLAS III/ It is not necessary to apply for such postponement.
  • Postponement beyond the calendar month when the certificate expires may be granted upon application, provided that servicing is impracticable within the period of validity of the certificate, e.g. due to entry into a foreign port without an available service station.
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