As from 12 March 2020, the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) has therefore extended the validity of Norwegian certificates of competency and proficiency. An arrangement was established where certificate holders would get an initial six-month extension followed by another three months.

This arrangement was intended as an interim emergency solution for those who did not have the opportunity to have their certificates renewed. It was established as a short-term measure. However, short-term measures imply low predictability.

It has become evident that the pandemic will continue indefinitely, and the NMA finds it necessary to offer a longer-term solution which will give seafarers, companies and authorities more predictability.

The NMA has therefore decided, until further notice, to allow seafarers who need to renew their Norwegian certificates of competency and proficiency, including safety training for fishermen, to do so by completing the theoretical part of the required refresher courses via e-learning. This new arrangement is also intended as an emergency measure, and we still recommend everyone who can to renew his/her certificates as usual.

The extension is granted for up to thirty months. The e-learning must be completed with an approved provider. To have the validity of their certificates extended, the holders must also meet any other requirements for having a complete renewal of the certificate.

This arrangement shall apply to the following Norwegian certificates:

  • Certificate of Competency (CoC) Deck Officer, CoC Engineer Officer and CoC Electro-technical Officer;
  • Certificate of Competency Master Fisherman;
  • Certificate for Master Fisherman Class C;
  • all certificates of proficiency that are due to expire and must be renewed, including the certificate of proficiency for basic safety training;
  • refresher safety courses for fishermen.

Anyone who completes e-learning courses with an approved provider will be issued with a qualification document. This can take place in two different ways:

In cases where an approved provider issues certificates of proficiency on behalf of the NMA, a new certificate of proficiency will be issued with a validity of 30 months from the completion date of the e-learning course.

In cases where an approved provider normally issues course certificates, which will later form the basis for the issuance of certificates of proficiency or competency from the NMA, this will also be the case after completion of an e-learning course.

Applications for renewal of certificates of proficiency, except for those issued by course providers on behalf of the Norwegian Maritime Authority, and applications for renewal of certificates of competency must be submitted in the regular way, as described on the NMA’s website under “Apply for personal maritime certificate”.