Certificates and control documents that are required by the Regulations to be entered into the control book may be stored and prepared in an electronic system. If you choose to use electronic storage, the documents mentioned above must be entered into the electronic system. It is not possible to choose a system which is partly paper-based and partly electronic. The requirements for an electronic system are the same as for a paper-based system. The installation and system must satisfy international requirements.

Current legislation

  • Regulations of 17 January 1978 No. 4 on cargo-handling appliances in ships
  • Regulations of 13 January 1986 No. 31 on cranes used on ships in open waters for loading and unloading
  • Regulations of 13 June 2000 No. 660 on the construction, operation, equipment and surveys of fishing vessels of 15 m in overall length (LOA) and over
  • Regulations of 22 November 2013 No. 1404 on fishing vessels of less than 15 meters in overall length

Electronic storage system requirements


  • The documents must be available to the owner, authorities and other authorised persons.
  • The owner of the cargo-handling equipment shall be the owner of the electronically stored documentation.
  • The owner shall have uninterrupted access to the documentation.
  • The owner shall, without delay, be able to make the documentation available to the authorities or persons responsible for examining the equipment. 


  • The electronic system is required to include an electronic signature. The Norwegian Electronic Signatures Act regulates the legal effect of electronic signatures.
  • Documents, including historic records of equipment, shall be protected against overwriting, deletion and alterations.
  • The system must clearly identify the person who carried out the examination as well as the document date.


  • Data in an electronic system must be protected and stored in a secure database.
  • Satisfactory procedures must be established for a backup solution and for operating procedures.
  • A system recovery must be performed using an encrypted connection.
  • All documents shall be available as long as the equipment is on board.
  • Certificates and other documents that are only available in paper format must be capable of being scanned and entered into the system.


  • The installation must take place in compliance with the applicable provisions for electronic installations and electronic compatibility.


For electronic storage systems, the following documentation must be available on board and submitted if requested by the Norwegian Maritime Authority:

  • Certificate from the installer stating that the system has been installed in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines and current legislation, and that the functionality of the system has been tested and approved.

Ergonomics and night vision

  • If the system is installed in a workstation on the bridge in connection with navigation and manoeuvring, the installation shall comply ISO Standard 8468 item 6.1 or MSC/Circ.982 item 4.
  • The lighting of displays and panels shall comply with the provisions of ISO Standard 8468 item 6.3.4 or MSC/Circ.982 item 5.3.6.