What happened?

During a flexible jumper installation operation, the 1st end termination head had been transferred over the Open Vertical Laying System (OVLS) and deployed through the vessel moonpool ready to initiate lay down.

The rigging crew was unpacking the 2nd end termination head (3 Te) from the reel in order to lower it onto a deck trolley and move it into the worktable.

The 2nd termination head was secured to the reel by 8 off rigging assemblies, each consisting of a round sling and a lever hoist. Each lever hoist was secured to the reel by a combination of chains, wires and round slings.

The rigging team was removing plastic protection when the termination head suddenly moved downwards approximately 0,15 – 0,5 m, causing termination head/jumper to swing in towards the reel cradle.

The injured party (IP) was struck by the jumper and squeezed towards the reel cradle and sustained life threatening injuries to the upper body. The IP was evacuated via helicopter to an onshore hospital.

Why did it happen?

  • The sudden downward movement of the 2nd end termination head is believed to be caused by slippage and reorganzation of the rigging securing the termination head to the reel.
  • There was a lack of drawings and procedural steps required for the safe unpacking of the reel.
  • The «line of fire» was not identified prior to commencing the task.

What needs to be done differently?

  • Termination heads on reels should be treated as suspended loads; with the potential to drop and swing.
  • Drawings, procedures and risk assessments with sufficient detail are to be produced for unpacking of reels.
  • Identify all possible line of fire situations, and ensure that personnel are in safe positions prior to starting a task.