The Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) has received a note of concern regarding adverse work practices. Excavators are used to lift personnel from deck to shore and from deck to cargo hold and vice versa. Excavators are also used to lift bobcat machines from the ship to the quay and vice versa with personnel sitting in the bobcat's machine's operator's cabin.

The NMA is concerned about these practices. Excavators are not certified for personnel lifting and must not be used for this purpose. There are strict requirements for movement of personnel. The NMA also finds it difficult to understand how some have found these practices to meet the criteria for movement of personnel in a satisfactory manner with regard to risk assessments. 

Each shipping company is responsible for performing risk assessments and comply with them. A risk assessment is of little value if it is not complied with. It is essential that the management on board as well as the company’s shore-based organisation support the system and make sure that safety requirements and assessments are observed.


Companies operating self-loading vessels must ensure that employees use approved equipment for the movement of personnel. Means of embarkation and disembarkation must be approved. This also applies to movement of personnel to and from cargo holds, etc.

Relevant legislation:

Ship Safety and Security Act

Regulations on safety management for small cargo shops, passenger ships and fishing vessels, etc.

Regulations on safety measures, etc. on passenger ships, cargo ships and barges Chapter 2 Means of access, etc.

Regulations on the working environment, health and safety of persons working on board ship Chapter 2 Provisions concerning the working environment, safety and health