To ensure a smooth registration process, pre-clearance of documents will be encouraged. If required, a Norwegian call sign will be allocated during the registration process.

1. Application for certificate of name

Names of vessels of 15 meters and more must be approved prior to registration. Please send the application, KR-0019, to The original is not to be forwarded afterwards.

2. Notification for registration

Please use the correct form according to the length of the vessel:

  • Notification for registration - vessels of 15 meters and more, KR-0010.
  • Notification for registration - vessels less than 15 meters (not subject to mandatory registration) KR-0012.

The form must be signed with binding signature by the owner and sent to The original is not to be forwarded afterwards.

3. Call sign and marking

If a Norwegian call sign has not been allocated prior to registration, the Department of Ship Registration will assign one in connection with the registration process.

The call sign shall be permanently marked on board on a fixed structural member by cutting, welding or centre punch marking (for instance in a deck coaming, hatch beam, on a bulkhead or similar). Markings should not be made on removable plates. The marking shall always be painted in a contrasting colour.

4. Picture of marked call sign and HIN/CIN/WIN Code

Send pictures in JPG or PDF format to or as MMS to phone no. + 47 930 84 263.

5. Documentation of vessel data

The vessel's length, breadth, depth and/draught must be documented prior to registration, by submission of:

  • builder's certificate from the manufacturer;
  • general arrangement drawings;
  • approved CE documentation;
  • other declaration from the manufacturer or similar documentation considered unobjectionable by the Registrar.

If measurement data cannot be documented, the vessel cannot be registered. In special cases, the requisitioner may request measurements to be made by the Norwegian Maritime Authority.

6. Declaration of Conformity for the vessel

From 16 June 1998, it has been required for pleasure vessels to be CE marked. If applicable, send a PDF copy of the declaration to  prior to registration. The declaration supports that the vessel has been CE marked, but the Norwegian Maritime Authority does not approve this upon registration.

7. Declaration of Conformity for the engine

Since 1 January 2006, also engines have been required to be CE-marked. If applicable, send a PDF copy of the declaration to prior to registration. The declaration supports that the engine has been CE marked, but the Norwegian Maritime Authority does not approve this upon registration.

8. Ownership

Title documents such as Builder's Certificate and Bills of sale must form an unbroken chain of ownership back to the last registered owner in the previous assets register or all the way back to the manufacturer.

If the ship is changing flag: Last registered owner must correspond with seller on Bill of Sale.
If the vessel is a newbuilding not yet registered:  Builder's Certificate has to be issued.

Signature requirements

All title documents and powers of attorney must be signed with binding signature. For Norwegian registered companies: according to the certificate of company registration.

Confirmation of issuer's signature on Norwegian documents

Issuer's signature may be confirmed by:

  • two individuals who are of age and resident in Norway;
  • lawyer/assistant lawyer;
  • licensed registered accountant; or
  • Notary Public.

Confirmation of issuer's signature on foreign documents

Title documents and power of attorneys issued abroad must be notarized and thereafter legalized/ amended with an Apostille.

A Notary Public has to confirm:

  • the identity of the person signing;
  • that the person is of age;
  • that the person is authorized to sign for and on behalf of the company in question.

The Notary's signature is then to be legalized by:

All title documents must be submitted in original.

Registration may take place on the basis of electronic copies. The originals are then to be forwarded to the Ship Registers within three weeks form entry into the journal.

9. Protocol of Delivery and Acceptance (PDA)

If the vessel is a newbuilding and confirmation of delivery is not stated in Builder's Certificate: an electronic copy signed by both the builder and the owner must be sent to the Department of Ship Registration prior to registration. The original is not to be forwarded.

10. If documentation of ownership is not possible the vessel may still be registered

Ownership must then be acquired through the Norwegian Maritime Code of 24 June 1994 No. 39 S.36 or S.35.

S. 36: Acquisition of Registered Title by Advertisement

  1. Whenever a Norwegian ship with a greatest length of less than 15 meters belongs to someone who has no registered title, the person exercising an owner’s rights of disposal and declaring in writing that he or she is the owner, can obtain registered title provided that he or she can show prima facie that he or she, together with those from whom he or she has acquired title, have been owners for at least ten years - or back to the boat was new / manufacturer.
  2. If the Registrar finds that these conditions have been met, he or she shall publish an invitation to possible owners to appear within a time limit which shall be set to at least one month. 
  3. If no person appears, the Registrar shall enter the ship in the Register of Ships with the owner as registered titleholder or, if the ship is already registered, note that the title of the owner is in order.

S. 35: Acquisition of Registered Title by Consolidated Proceedings against possible Holders of Rights.

  1. If the owner of a Norwegian ship lacks a registered title and it is impossible or unreasonably difficult for him or her to obtain registered title in any other manner, he or she can acquire registered title by a judgment confirming his or her title to the ship, obtained in consolidated proceedings against possible holders of rights and by registration of such judgment.
  2. If the Court finds that the conditions have been met, it shall order that an extract of the writ be published in Norsk lysningsblad (the official gazette), with an announcement calling on any person claiming to have a better right to the ship than the plaintiff to appear in Court within a period, which shall be set at not less than 3 months, and prove his right.
  3. If no defendant appears within the time limit, the Court shall give judgment without a hearing confirming that the plaintiff is the owner. Such judgment shall immediately become final and binding on each and every person and shall not be subject to the right of appeal.

11. Owner's nationality

The Norwegian Maritime Code S.1 describes requirements to owner's nationality. To ensure fulfilment, a declaration must be submitted. For private individuals it is sufficient to complete the form “Notification for registration”. All other entities must declare their nationality in a separate form, “Declaration of Nationality”, KR-0001 - KR-0007 (please choose the correct alternative). To be signed with binding signature and sent to

Additional documentation requirements for owners who satisfy the requirements set out in the Maritime Code S. 1, third paragraph (EEA), not resident in Norway:

Appoint a Norwegian Representative / Process Agent on form KR-0060. The representative/ process agent must declare fulfillment of the nationality requirements in the Norwegian Maritime Code S. 1 by completing a “Declaration of Nationality” as described above. Please send both forms to

In the event that the owner does not satisfy the requirements set out in the Maritime Code

Application for dispensation may be directed to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, Maritime Department. 

12. Certificate from the previous ship register/country

Norway does not permit dual registration. A certificate from the previous assets register in the country in which the ship has been built and/or transferred must always be produced. If the vessel has not been registered before, this fact must be stated by the relevant register.

a. The vessel has been registered

The Deletion Certificate must contain the following information:

  1. time of deletion;
  2. owner at the time of deletion;
  3. that the vessel was deleted free from registered encumbrances.

b. The vessel has not been registered before entering NOR

A statement to this fact (often called "certificate of non-registry) must be produced by the relevant assets register.

c. The vessel has been owned, but not registered, in more than one country prior to registration in the NOR

The assets registers in all relevant countries must issue a statement confirming "non-registry".

Confirmation of the certificates issued by overseas ship registers

The certificates must be legalized by local authorities by the amendment of an Apostille or by a Norwegian consular station.
Certificates issued by ship registers in the Nordic countries are exempt from this requirement.

Submission of the certificates

  • Copies may be accepted at the time of registration if sent directly to the NOR from the previous register.
  • The original is then to be forwarded without delay.
  • Kindly note that final registration is conditional upon receipt of the original document.

13. Registration fees per 1 January 2021

NOK 3 715,-
NOK 2 613, - if physical measurement had to be carried out prior to registration.
NOK 2 613, - for each mortgage registered against the vessel.
An invoice will be sent out after registration has taken place. To ensure correct invoicing we kindly ask the recipient to fill in the form payment information, KR-0070. Send to The original is not to be forwarded afterwards.

In addition, there will be charged applicable fee rates and hourly rates related to the initial-and annual fees based on the vessel’s length/ NET as well as other, relevant fees (for example dispensation applications and certain certificates) ref. the NMA's Tariff of Fees / Fees Regulations.

14. Please note

Certificate of Nationality

A certificate of Nationality will be issued upon request, free of charge.


All documents, notarial statements, etc. must be issued in one of the Scandinavian languages, English or translated by a licensed translator.

All documents related to the registration process must be sent directly to the Department of Ship Registration

The Norwegian Maritime Authority, Department of Ship Registration 
P.O.Box 73 Nygårdstangen

Please contact us and we will guide you through the registration process

Phone: + 47 55 54 12 50+ 47 55 54 12 50