Vaccination of foreign seafarers on ships calling at Norwegian ports at regular intervals or planning to stay at a Norwegian port for a long period can contribute to the protection of all seafarers. Moreover, it can improve global and domestic infection control.

“This is an important step on the path back to normal life for seafarers, who have been badly affected by the pandemic and who are crucial to secure a steady supply of goods”, says Acting Director General of Navigation and Shipping, Lars Alvestad.

How is the vaccination organised?

Vaccination of foreign seafarers can be organised in one of two ways:

One option is that the shipping companies or their agents organise the vaccination themselves, for instance by contacting a private company.

Option number two is that local Norwegian authorities reach out to the shipping companies/agents and offer foreign seafarers vaccination at the local vaccination site(s). In such cases, there might be an administration charge, but the actual vaccine is free of charge.

Ordering vaccines

In any case, the municipality in which the vessel has its port of call must set aside the required number of doses for the shipping company. If the municipality does not have sufficient vaccine doses available, more must be ordered. The shipping company should contact the local vaccination authority well in advance of the planned vaccination. A couple of weeks’ notice is ideal.
The seafarers may receive doses 1 and 2 in different municipalities.

It is up to the shipping companies or their agents to determine who should be offered vaccination and ensure that those people receive the information they need. Vaccination is voluntary.


The guideline of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health can be found here:

Guideline for offering vaccines to foreign seafarers