General health advice

The NMA recommends that companies and seafarers keep up to date and follow the medical advice from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and Norwegian authorities. This applies to advice on preventive measures as well as travel advice for affected areas. The NMA cannot give any further advice, for instance on how a company should relate to different geographic areas. This must be decided by the company in agreement with their employees and the health authorities.  

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In the event of a suspected virus infection or quarantines, etc. causing any challenges to the crew replacement or the operation of a ship, you may contact the NMA directly at +47 52 74 50 00 (this number will also give access to our emergency line outside of normal office hours). Our assistance will be related to possible solutions for operational challenges, not for infected patients or suspicion of infection, as this type of assistance will only be given by the health authorities.

Read advice and information from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health here.