Registration requirement for all people entering Norway

The Norwegian Government has approved an amendment to the COVID-19 Regulations which came into force at 12 noon Monday 21 December 2020. This amendment requires all people entering into Norway to register themselves upon arrival. 

All people entering Norway are now required to register their name, contact details, place of quarantine and employer (if applicable). The main rule is that anyone who crosses the border, including Norwegian citizens, must register their information.

You can read more about the registration requirement and download the form on this website.

Quarantine requirement for persons arriving in Norway from abroad

People travelling to Norway from areas with high infection levels must spend 10 days in quarantine after entry. You can find more questions and answers concerning quarantine here.

Stricter infection control measures for travellers from the United Kingdom

In order to prevent the import of a new COVID-19 variant discovered in the United Kingdom, stricter infection control measures are introduced for travellers from the United Kingdom.

Starting 22 December, new test requirements will be introduced for persons entering Norway from the United Kingdom.

  • Anyone entering after 21 December must be tested as soon as possible, and no later than 24 hours after arrival. Testing should, to the degree possible, be done at the airport or other border station. If this is not possible, the traveller must contact the municipality or other test station to book a test. 
  • Everyone must then take a new test 7 days after entry, and the results must be available before the quarantine is finished no earlier than 10 days after entry into Norway.

This requirement applies to anyone who has stayed in the United Kingdom during the last 14 days before arrival.

Persons who have stayed in the United Kingdom after 7 December 2020 and entered Norway before 22 December 2020 must be tested as soon as possible.

A test is necessary even if you have been tested before 22 December 2020.


Rules concerning crew changes for ships arriving in Norway from the United Kingdom

Although stricter infection control measures have been introduced for travellers from the United Kingdom, it will still be possible to carry out crew changes for vessels arriving in Norway from the United Kingdom, even after 22 December.

This is provided that the stated infection control measures are followed.