Thank you, dear seafarers!

  • Published: 06/04/2020

We do not even see them, the seafarers who work night and day to provide us with food, medicine and energy. Now many of them need to extend their work period away from their loved ones to make sure that shipping, which accounts for 80 percent of the world's freight, is operating normally. We give them a well deserved pat on the shoulder - and hope you join us! #saluteseafarers

Lars Alvestad
Acting director general Lars Alvestad salutes all seafarers.

Seafarers have a demanding profession both mentally and physically. For many, the job involves risky work tasks and long periods away from family and friends.

The corona pandemic means that many seafarers now face very demanding situations. Travel restrictions and the risk of infection may prevent home travel after the end of the work period, they may be quarantined before and after embarking, and many are not allowed to go ashore in their spare time while the ship is at port.  

As consumers, we all depend on the efforts of seafarers and dockworkers worldwide. We would therefore like to thank the seafarers of the world by sending them a visual salute. Feel free to follow up and share your selfie salute on social media with the hashtag #saluteseafarers and use this frame on your Facebook profile!

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