Search for vessels registered in the Norwegian Ship Registers NIS/NOR and the Shipbuilding Register. You may choose if you would like to see current or historical information. If you are preparing to apply for a new name for a vessel subject to mandatory registration, make a search for an indication on availability. Information on the last issued Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) is also offered.

All registered information is available to you: vessel name, homeport, scantlings, owner, any mortgages and more. The search may be useful and important for potential buyers, bank connections, shipbrokers and, of course, to the master, and other crew working on board. The search is available in both Norwegian and English on our website, the App in Norwegian only.

If your search comes up empty or you need an official transcript, please send an e-mail to the Department of Ship Registration and we will make a search of our own. Kindly provide us with as much information about the vessel as possible.

                The English Ship Search may be found here. You may also use the global search field at the top of the page. If you do so, the search will encompass both the website as well as the Ship Search.
Follow this link if you wish to download the App (Norwegian).