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The company’s decisions should be based on a risk assessment of the situation and the changed operational conditions. The risk assessment shall be carried out in consultation with the ship’s crew. The normal rules of the Act shall be followed as far as is practicable.

Furthermore, we refer to the fact that the master can set aside the provisions relating to hours of work and rest as a result of the current quarantine and health situation of our society, cf. section 24 second paragraph of the Ship Safety and Security Act, cf. section 6 of the Regulations of 26 June 2007 No. 705 on hours of work and rest on board Norwegian passenger and cargo ships, etc.

The general duties of the company pursuant to the Ship Safety and Security Act are unchanged.

Changes must be logged in the vessel’s deck log book, cf. Regulations of 15 September 1992 No. 693 on the form and keeping of log books.


Under these special circumstances, it is of great importance to society that individual vessels used by companies which the ministries have defined as critical societal functions has the opportunity to adapt their operations. There might be a need for a change of the vessel’s operating scheme, or for individual workers to work more than their normal hours for a limited period of time.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the NMA has received inquiries from shipping companies and crew facing practical challenges. The scope of such inquiries has increased considerably, as Norway and most other countries have introduced travel restrictions and the transport of personnel has become more difficult.

In this situation, the NMA sees a need to provide guidelines to make the companies, along with the crew, able to satisfy the manning requirements.


The decision will be valid until further notice.