The annual publication of Paris MoUs White, Grey and Black Lists is a renowned benchmark for register quality. Norway's ambition is a top 5-placement, maintained this year as the country is ranked in the number 5 slot of the list, down one place from 2014. Lists reflect performance in a rolling three year period, with rankings for 2015 determined by performance in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

- We are very satisfied with our ranking, which confirms that Norway is Quality Flag, says acting head of section for Inspections and preparedness, Svein Erik Enge.

Heading ut the list for 2015 is Sweden, with UK, France and Denmark in the next slots. According to Paris MoU, Norway notched up 1440 Port State Controls in the three year period, with 570 in 2015 alone. 2015 accounted for 8 of the 15 detentions in the period.

The 5 most frequently recorded deficiencies in 2015 were “ISM”, “fire doors/openings in fire-resisting divisions”, “nautical publications”, “charts” and “oil record book”.

See full annual report from Paris MoU