New collaboration between major maritime nations

  • Published: 06/08/2020

Along with five other major maritime nations, Norway is initiating a formal collaborative research and development project examining autonomous maritime operations.

Portrait photo of Lars Alvestad
Lars Alvestad, Acting Director General of Navigation and Shipping, participated in the digital start-up meeting.
PHOTO: Grethe Nygaard

The Norwegian Maritime Authority is pleased to participate in this international project, in which the Norwegian Coastal Administration will be another important Norwegian player. We hope that sharing experiences will contribute to building knowledge across borders,” says Acting Director General of Navigation and Shipping, Lars Alvestad. 

Alvestad represented Norway at the international group’s first digital meeting on Tuesday 4 August. Major maritime nations have initiated this collaborative project, which is called Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships Ports (MASSPorts). The participating countries are China, Denmark, Finland, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, South Korea and Singapore. The aim is to share experiences, identify challenges and develop common standards for testing and implementing autonomous maritime operations.


Norway at the forefront

Norway has been at the forefront of research and development in this area for years. 

“What is remarkable for Norway is that authorities, technology companies, maritime companies and research institutions have examined opportunities and challenges in this area at an early stage,” says Director General at the Norwegian Coastal Administration, Einar Vik Arset. 

Moreover, through the initiatives taken by the Norwegian Maritime Authority and others, Norway is the first coastal state to set their own guidelines for how to start using autonomous ships in commercial operations. 

“As early as in 2016, a joint national forum was established in Norway for people working with autonomous technology (NFAS - Norwegian Forum for Autonomous Ships). This has contributed to Norway being world-leading in the development of autonomy in the maritime industry,” says Alvestad.


More information on this is available on the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s website (in Norwegian only).

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