In October 2021, to improve the procedure for submitting forms and required documents, the NMA launched a public portal for the electronic registration of documents: the electronic registration portal. This solution will simplify the interaction with the NMA for registration of the transfer of ownership, mortgage documents and other legal documents. It is the first portal of its kind in Norway.

"This is a milestone for the history of the ship registers in Norway. The solution represents a significant step forward for the case process and saves time for our customers," says Elisabeth Hvaal Lingaas, Head of Department at the Ship Registers.

Public portal

The electronic registration portal is a public portal where the customer specifies what should be registered. After answering a set of questions, a work list is generated. This work list provides an overview of the documents required for your registration. You will of course find the forms in the portal, and they must be filled inn via Altinn. The customer and other invited parties will be able to see an up-to-date status of the case.

Deeds of conveyance, mortgage documents and other forms can now be signed using BankID. This means that while it used to take 5–7 days to submit forms by mail, the current processing time is often reduced to a couple of minutes.  Electronic registration is safe and effective, and strengthens the legal protection when buying, selling and mortgaging.

When all documents have been submitted, the registration must be paid for. The case will then be forwarded to the Ship Registers for final processing and registration. If our customers face any issues or have any questions during the process, a case handler at the Ship Registers will be available to assist.

Saves time

“Many of our customers will no longer have to send documents per mail, which will make the registration process more efficient and time-saving. Both the industry and individuals will benefit greatly from this in the years to come,” says Bjørn Tore Fasmer, the product owner for electronic judicial registration at the Department of Ship Registration.

The portal for electronic registration facilitates a more efficient flag State administration, and is an important step in the digitalisation of the fleet. Transfers of ownership and mortgages can be carried out more efficiently, enabling ships to be brought into operation more quickly. For owners of recreational craft, this service will also simplify the process of registration in NOR, especially when buying and registering newer boats with a known ownership history.

This electronic service will be used by both individuals and key players in the maritime industry. Our aim has been to develop a solution so simple and efficient that it can be used anywhere and anytime.

You can find the electronic registration service here