Invitation to open dialogue meeting

  • Published: 08/10/2018 by: Marit Nilsen

The Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) hereby invites you to an open dialogue meeting in Longyearbyen on 24 of October 2018 at 0900-1500 at the Radisson Blu Polar Hotel.

In the picture you can see polar landscape from the sea.
PHOTO: Svein Jarl Angell

In the wake of the recently adopted Polar Code, the NMA has reviewed the safety requirements for passenger ships sailing in the Norwegian territorial waters around Svalbard. The NMA has by way of circulars informed about the certificates required for operation of passenger ships at Svalbard1 and notified that the requirements were under review.

"3. Planned introduction of new regulations
The certificate requirements for ships carrying more than 12 passengers and operating in the inner and territorial waters of Svalbard must be regarded as temporary. The NMA is in an investigational phase regarding the introduction of new regulations for these ships. With the recently adopted Polar Code as a backdrop, one must expect that a potential adoption of new regulations will introduce further safety requirements.”

New regulations

The NMA has prepared a proposal for new Regulations on the construction, equipment and operation of passenger ships in the Norwegian territorial waters surrounding Svalbard, which will be applicable to Norwegian and foreign passenger ships. Before the Regulations are circulated for general review, the NMA wants to get the industry’s immediate responses to the proposal.

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