The certificate is linked to EU Regulation (EU) no. 1257/2013 on ship recycling and incorporated into Norwegian law by regulation FOR-2018-12-06-1813 Regulations on recycling of ships and mobile facilities.


The enforcement of the regulation, NMA will follow the guidelines from the EU, EU Commission Notice (2020 / C349 / 01). This is valid until 30.06.2021. NMA will not issue any evidence for such extension. See information on our website COVID-19-restriksjoner fører til nye retningslinjer for kontroll av IHM-sertifiserering - Sjøfartsdirektoratet (English version attached).


For ships operating outside the EU/EEA and which, due to Covid-19, have not been able to start/finish survey and certification of IHM, must do their utmost to get it done as soon as the opportunity arises. The requirement is there. EU/EEA ships operating outside Europe must have these certificates in place before they call at ports in EU/EEA states. ships must have a valid Statement of Complies for IHM on board.


Should you find yourself in a situation where one of your Norwegian flagged ships have port state control outside the EU/EEA that calls for IC and IHM, and you have not got this in place within a reasonable time, we will help you case by case. The ship can contact our emergency telephone which is serviced 24/7.


Laid up ships must have IC in place before they can be put into operation or break layup. The ship will not be allowed to sail until this is in place.