Non-conformance of Norwegian medical certificates upon MLC inspections

  • Published: 24/10/2013

In the period following the entry into force of the MLC, 2006 on the 20th of August 2013, The Norwegian Maritime Authority have received several enquiries from shipping companies experiencing reports of non-conformities following MLC inspections due to employees on board having Norwegian medical certificates where color vision is not specifically mentioned.
Such non-conformities are being mistakenly reported, and we hereby wish to clear up this misunderstanding.

Medical certificates issued in compliance with the Regulation concerning the medical examination of employees on ships, meet the requirements for medical certificates set out in the MLC, 2006 and the STCW Code.

The MLC inspectors are reporting non-conformities based on a missing column for testing of color vision. The NMA have therefore given seafarerʼs doctors permission to enter the following sentence by hand on medical certificates where the seafarer fulfills the requirements: "Color vision meets the standards in STCW Code Section A-I/9". This should, however, not be necessary, as the testing of vision – including color vision – is a requirement pursuant to the Regulation. It is also specified in point 2 of the DMLC part I that the testing of vision is a part of the health examination for the issuance of medical certificates.

Tha NMA have developed a new electronic system for issuance and reporting of medical certificates and declarations of unfitness, which will be made mandatory for all approved seafarerʼs doctors. When the system has been implemented, the forms KS-0499-1 B/E (medical certificate) and KS-0415 BE (declaration of unfitness) will be replaced by new versions. The new medical certificate clearly states that the requirements of the MLC, 2006 and the STCW Code are met.

KS-0499-E B/E issued before the implementation of the new system and the new forms will still be valid until expiration date.

Information about the implementation of the new system and the new forms will be communicated on our web-site.

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