Drawings will be filed and reviewed electronically. The Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) will still accept paper drawings, but these will be scanned and reviewed electronically. Paper drawings will then be destroyed.

Large drawings

Drawings in a format larger than A1 shall still be submitted on paper. This is because it can be difficult to get a good overview of a large drawing on a small computer display.

Drawings intended for posting on vessels

Drawings which are to be posted onboard a vessel can be submitted to one of the NMA local offices to get the correct stamping, after the document review is complete. A letter from NMA stating that the drawing is approved must be presented in order to get the correct stamping.

Other drawings

Drawings which is not required by law to be posted onboard the vessel will not be stamped by the NMA.

Questions concerning drawings

The submitter is encouraged to state an e-mail address for communication in connection with the review of drawings. Questions or comments that the NMA may have will then be sent to this e-mail address. According to FOR-2004-06-25-988 any formal decisions made by the NMA will also be submitted by mail.


Questions can be submitted to